We love what we do and taking care of our clients – and the feeling is mutual.

People come to us for the warmth they feel and the friends they make.

Why We Love Coming to Bribie Respite & Support Services

Hear from our clients and their carers about why they loving coming to us and what they appreciate about our services.

Bribie Respite Care

“I love coming here because it’s fun. My favourite thing to do is cooking. I love going on the outings on Wednesdays.”

Bribie Respite Care
Bribie Respite Care

“I enjoy spending time with all my friends and helping the staff by putting things away and loading the Dishwasher. Right now I am excited about spending more time at the Respite House again soon because Mum is going to Sydney and I didn’t want to go… It’s more fun at the house.”

“I want to tell everyone why I love coming to the day program. I love the outings – they are very great – and the camps. I love having Kim taking me to Physio and love going in Kimmy’s car, and Shannon’s Car and Sheridan’s car. I love doing dancing on Thursdays. I like coming in the Bus or the Imax and I love Christmas parties here. I am looking forward to dinner at Charlie’s tomorrow night and going to see the Christmas lights. I just enjoy everything.”

Bribie Respite Care

“I like doing craft with Koren, she is a keeper. I love the pampering and like all the time I spend with my friends. I love learning new things and how caring all the staff are and how they do little extra things to look after all the group. ”

“I love spending time with the beautiful, wonderful Megan and all the other staff. I love doing cooking when I get the chance, because I don’t come on Mondays when the regular cooking is done. I really enjoy the outings on Wednesdays and love craft with Koren.”

Bribie Respite Care

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NDIS Respite House

Have you heard about our NDIS Respite House?

We provide 24-hour or all-day accommodation in a modern, newly furnished 4-bedroom home, enabling families and other unpaid carers of people with disabilities or mental health issues the opportunity to take a well-earned break.