Aged Care Day Respite

We offer a fun and therapeutic Aged Care Day Respite program.

Proven to slow the progress of dementia and increase wellness.

We offer an inclusive combination of In-home Community Care and Day Respite services, tailoring our services to the circumstances of the individual and their family.

Bribie Respite Care

Don’t Feel Isolated, Come And Spend Time With Us

For people suffering with dementia or deteriorating through social isolation we offer a fun and therapeutic Aged Care Day Respite program at our Bribie Island-based centre. Over the last few years, we have refined our weekly social program of recreational activities so that it is more than a lovely day away from home.

We Challenge You To Feel Your Best

Our day respite now includes evidence-based movement, coordination and mental challenges – activities that have been proven to slow the progress of dementia and promote wellness. Included in the respite activities is a twice-weekly program of physiotherapy as well as regular games that help maintain coordination and balance.

Fun, Loving and Social

We like to vary the program with local outings to the Sunshine Coast. Our aim is always to make the time fun, loving and social – days through which everyone is comfortable, happy and relaxed.

Not to Mention The Delicious Food

Importantly, we provide transport to and from the centre so that everyone can enjoy the full day from 10am to 3pm. We also provide a delicious and nutritious menu of food.

Bribie Respite Care

Offering Carers A Chance To Rest

Our Aged Care Day Respite Program offers the families of people with dementia or ill health the chance to rest and take care of themselves. We know that family relationships become more stressful when one partner has dementia – or another form of health decline – and how those with declining health can feel a burden to their family. The partner with fewer health issues often also goes into decline through stress and attempting to cope without support.

Caring For A Relative and Want To Access Our Services? Get in Touch

Please contact us if you would like to access our services for yourself or a loved one and make the most of the time ahead. 

Even if we cannot provide exactly what you need, we can offer a caring ear and assistance to access the Aged Care and NDIS Services that are right for you.

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NDIS Respite House

Have you heard about our NDIS Respite House?

We provide 24-hour or all-day accommodation in a modern, newly furnished 4-bedroom home, enabling families and other unpaid carers of people with disabilities or mental health issues the opportunity to take a well-earned break.