We are taking the health of our clients, their carers and our staff very seriously.

Managing the Threat of Covid-19

In 2020 we all had to deal with and manage the threat of Covid-19.

At Bribie Respite & Support Services we have adapted our In-home 1:1 support services and our in-centre learning and day respite programs to ensure we keep the risk of Covid-19 at a minimum for our vulnerable client base.

Bribie Respite Care

We are ensuring we follow:

  • Commonwealth and State Government guidelines
  • Aged Care and NDIS guidelines
  • Rules from the Department of Health
  • Infection control guidelines
Bribie Respite Care
Bribie Respite Care

We are taking all necessary steps to make sure our staff and clients remain healthy:

  • We are following best practice in terms of hygiene for staff, clients and equipment
  • All of our staff are taking their temperatures daily
  • We are taking our clients’ temperatures daily
  • We are washing our hands and our clients’ hands regularly- and sanitising
  • We are following social distancing best practice, both in homes, on transport and at the centre
  • All of our staff and volunteers have been immunised against the influenza virus

It is very important that our clients and their carers also take their responsibility to community safety seriously. We are asking that people:

  • Say when they are unwell and not attend our services when they are sick
  • Allow their temperatures to be taken when we ask
  • Allow us to wash their hands as often as the regulations require
Bribie Respite Care

Working to together we will keep everyone at Bribie Respite & Support Services healthy and keep our services going for the community.

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NDIS Respite House

Have you heard about our NDIS Respite House?

We provide 24-hour or all-day accommodation in a modern, newly furnished 4-bedroom home, enabling families and other unpaid carers of people with disabilities or mental health issues the opportunity to take a well-earned break.