Bribie Island Respite Care Services

Making a real difference in the lives of older people, disabled people and their carers

“Our respite and support services enable the Bribie community to live independent, healthier and happier lives”

Bribie Respite

Mission & beliefs

"We want to improve the quality of life of the people who come to us"

David Hamon | Manager

what we do

Our Mission

Bribie Respite and Support Services is an organisation with a long history of caring for older and disabled people on Bribie Island.

Bribie Island Aged Care Support

Aged Care

Aged Care services delivered in culture of optimism, always focused on bringing joy to others.

Bribie Island Disability Care

Disability Care

Offering highly experienced disability care, with learning and social support from empathetic carers.

Bribie Island Aged Care

Dementia Care

Dedicated to providing the best in respite services, allowing carers to recharge with peace of mind.

The power of a smile

Jane - Aged Care Support | 15 Years

There's always a welcome smile when our bus arrives each morning. Our friendly, caring staff take the time to build meaningful relationships with everyone.

Bribie Respite

You also matter...
Carer Support

Carers make a significant contribution to the lives of the people they care for and to the community.

We believe they should be acknowledged as individuals with their own needs within and beyond the caring role and treated with dignity and respect.

Disability Care Bribie Island
Bribie Island Respite Care Support

our goals

Our focus is on providing the highest quality of care through closer relationships

Above all, we want to improve the quality of life of the people who come to us as well as providing ongoing practical and emotional support to their long-term carers.


Over the last five years, we have developed a range of therapeutic activities for older and disabled people; activities that extend them socially as well as support them emotionally.

A smile says it all

Brenda - Day Care Support | 15 Years

Clients choose which activities they want to do each week from a range that includes Outings, Art, Dance, Physiotherapist-led activity, Craft and Conversation


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NDIS Respite House

Have you heard about our NDIS Respite House?

We provide 24-hour or all-day accommodation in a modern, newly furnished 4-bedroom home, enabling families and other unpaid carers of people with disabilities or mental health issues the opportunity to take a well-earned break.