Day Respite Increasing Capacity

Bribie Respite Aged Care

Day Respite Increasing Capacity

Post Covid-19 outbreak, day respite care returned in a limited capacity on September 21st. We will be gradually increasing our capacity over November. Please call us for further details.

Banksia Beach Respite House Day and Night Care Available for Booking (for NDIS funded clients)

Overnight respite has been available at our new and specially purposed house since October 19th2020.

The house allows people to be cared for 24/7 for short stays and is also available for people wanting assistance or during the day who do not or cannot attend our Learning Centre Day Program.

Carers can book the house if they have a daytime appointment, for example, or need to be away for a period of time up to 24 hours.

One of the beliefs we hold dear is that life with a disability should not stop anyone from being active or participating in opportunities that enable them to thrive and learn more about themselves.

For many years Bribie Respite & Support Services has been working hard to provide timely, high quality care and support for the frail aged, people with dementia and young people with a disability, their carers and representatives.

Our  team has developed a full program of semi-structured learning, social support, outdoor activities and other fun activities for people with a disability. The program aims to help people build up the tools and confidence to take good care of themselves, develop skills for independent living, go out and about in their community, make friends and, ultimately, get more out of life.

Over the years, we have also built-up our Aged Care Day Respite program, incorporating a range of innovative and therapeutic activities for older people; activities that extend them socially as well as support them emotionally within a warm and loving environment.

Respite Services Bribie Island
NDIS Respite Services Bribie Island

Thanks to the efforts of our highly trained team our services are now a lifeline to many in our community and, hopefully, many more to come.

Our door is open to anyone who would like to help themselves or a loved one get more out of life.

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David Hamon

Our Goal is to improve the quality of life for everyone who comes to us seeking our assistance.

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NDIS Respite House

Have you heard about our NDIS Respite House?

We provide 24-hour or all-day accommodation in a modern, newly furnished 4-bedroom home, enabling families and other unpaid carers of people with disabilities or mental health issues the opportunity to take a well-earned break.